вторник, 1 октября 2013 г.

Review for "Libido" by White Noise Dada web zine

"Segment Aura" is the truly nasty and unforgiving HNW project of Russia based noise head anonymous artist. Like most HNW projects there’s an obsession linked to the project, and S.A. obsession is various forms of simplicity, austerity and immobility. Clearly with a title like “Libido” your expecting nothing exciting, motivator or optimistic and these 60 minutes certainly mangers all of those words in spades. The stark black & white front sleeve picture features an assortment of various knifes or possible bullets ( it’s difficult to tell which as the covers so murky). And inside the sleeve is white text on pitch black backing; with just the projects name, the releases title being listed along with the words “Act I” all of which nicely sets you up for the barren and painful sonic bleakness inside. But nothing better to relax the mind and make it blank, to listen to SA, the leading exponent of STATIC NOISE I've heard in a long time, but compared to many other bands of harsh noise wall. However, the two bonus tracks role radically changed, and instead of being a hard wall and petrified, becomes a dusty AMBIENT NOISE WALL which decays only when touched. Not all HNW sounds like and not all people have the same ability to do so, the slightest changes, the tiny textures, you have to know where and when to place, so that the listener can feel something in the supposed "noise". Good job of course.

White Noise Dada

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