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Review for split Segment Aura / Light Collapse

This split CDR offers up four slices of brutalizing & battering walled noise from these two Russian based HNW projects. Each project offers up two tracks a piece, and each of these last between nine to twenty one minute mark.
The release appeared in early 2015 on Heart Shaped Box Prod- which is the label of Vitaly Maklakov(who’s behind the Light Collapse Project). Both the CDR, and sleeve artwork feature arty paint splattered & colour washed hand made artwork. The  theme of the release is the  several planets that are similar to Earth, with all the tracks using the names of said planets as their titles.
Opening up the release we have the two Segment Aura tracks, and first of these is "Gliese 581 C". The track comes in at just shy of the sixteen minute mark, and is a dense, bothersome and fairly fixed affair. The ‘wall’ consists of the following elements: a deep ‘n’ descending billowing  rumble, a slightly sputtering yet semi crisp jitter, and a  buzzing almost harmonic buzzing vibration- that flits in & out of the track. Fitting this release theme this tracks sounds like the size of a planet, and its fixed circling feel adds to that feeling.  The second Segment Aura comes in the form of "Gliese 581 D", and this comes in at just over the twelve minute mark. This track is a more urgent & edgy affair and is built around three or four layers of taut cable crackle, hiss and pop. These elements are fed out into a jumpy yet thick matt of noise, and once again the setting here is fairly firm, though you do get some nice yet subtle patter-nation happening from time to time.  Of the two tracks I say this second is my favourite, as it really hooks me in with its nervy yet dense feel.
Moving onto the Light Collapse tracks, and first up we have "Gliese 667C F"- this is shortest track here at the 9.49 mark. The ‘wall’ is built around a weave of dense  yet continually shredding juddering- and underneath this mass of noise I’m sure I can make out dragged out semi harmonic bell like drones.  The second  Light Collapse, comes in the form of the under twenty two minute of  "HD 85512 B". This ‘wall’ is built around a thick & continually shower of descending judders- the whole thing sounds like a distorted & slightly slowed down field recording of a rain storm recording in a corrugated walk way. The ‘wall’ sounds like it’s built around say three or four layers of judder and each of these are focused in on a fairly similar lower-to-mid tonal range- together they create this bleak yet extremely dense roaring washing vibe. Of the two tracks, I’d once again say the second track is my favourite as it’s rather appealing in its thick battering grimness.

As splits go this isn’t too bad, with both parties each offering up two fairly different sounding ‘walls’ , which  often sonically  hint towards the planet theme of the release.

3/5 (Roger Batty)

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